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Brand Building - Cocktail Consulting - Marketing Events

Who We Are

Chiyo Takemoto

CEO & Founder

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Chase Bracamontes

Chicago Account Manager

Our Services

Brand Building

We are dedicated to building our brands' presence in market by assisting with sales presentations and working in tandem with our distributor partner to provide exceptional service

Cocktail Consulting

In an industry that is constantly growing and evolving into something bigger and better, with higher quality standards - some accounts just can't hire the talent it requires to design and develop a customizable and profitable program.  We can help.

Marketing Events

Promoting our brands through social media sometimes isn't enough. It's important to us to have a strong connection with our customer base -  It's also important to remember to have fun.  We are always brainstorming and finding new and interesting ways to create fun experiences for our customers to learn about our products - and it almost always includes cocktails!

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